After my brother and I left home my parents did some major traveling. Never have you ever seen more happy empty nesters. After a few years, however, they needed to fill the void of no longer having kids in the house. That is when they brought Eddie home, making me and my brother obsolete.
  1. My mom used to miss me and my bro when she went on business trips. Those days are no more....
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  2. At least my Dad got a shout out. Such a tight knit family of 3 now...
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  3. All the household passwords used to be my name or my brothers it's the dog's name and/or the dogs bday.
    When I pointed this out to my Dad his response was "funny you should mention Tom and Caroline, I haven't thought about them in years! How are they?" 😑
  4. My parents can not remember how old I am/when my bday is....nor can they remember if I came first or my brother. Eddie, however, big shout out every year! No mistaking his special day. No sir.
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  5. My parents cook Eddie a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs every Sunday. Come on.
  6. I do this too, ya know!
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  7. I can also do this!
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  8. To be fair, he is one fabulous little dude. I can't blame them. Look at that face!!
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  9. My parents would call to my brother or me but first call out every dog's name we ever had, past and present!!!
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