I've visited my boyfriends childhood home in Oregon a handful of times, and every time I discover something new and wonderful.
  1. Welcoming party
    The Colonel and his chickens welcome you when you enter the property.
  2. Sign above his bedroom door
    I like to imagine he made it himself in a pottery class....when he was 17.
  3. Photo on display
    He was such a dare devil!
  4. Shopping list
  5. Bedroom artwork
    This is a puzzle that he and his dad made together. A couple of cool dudes.
  6. Bobble heads of @Nicholas and his dad
    Oh, do you not have one of these from your childhood?
  7. My spirit animal
    He lives on the fireplace mantle.
  8. Sign above the coat rack
    This is my favorite item of all time. No one in this house smokes.