I've visited my boyfriends childhood home in Oregon a handful of times, and every time I discover something new and wonderful.
  1. Welcoming party
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    The Colonel and his chickens welcome you when you enter the property.
  2. Sign above his bedroom door
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    I like to imagine he made it himself in a pottery class....when he was 17.
  3. Photo on display
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    He was such a dare devil!
  4. Shopping list
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  5. Bedroom artwork
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    This is a puzzle that he and his dad made together. A couple of cool dudes.
  6. Bobble heads of @Nicholas and his dad
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    Oh, do you not have one of these from your childhood?
  7. My spirit animal
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    He lives on the fireplace mantle.
  8. Sign above the coat rack
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    This is my favorite item of all time. No one in this house smokes.