My dessert obsession is made possible by my love affair with Classpass. It's an on again/off again relationship, but here is what I am into at the moment.
  1. MONDAY: Agni yoga
    This studio offers a classic Vinyasa flow at 7am. It's a lovely way to start the week feeling calm and centered.
  2. TUESDAY: Xtend Barre
    6:30am class with Shane is very good. It's a mix of dance and barre. Always break a sweat and feel sore the next day.
  3. WEDNESDAY: Cycle House
    6am with Nick. Great music. Great workout. Big fun.
  4. THURSDAY: Melrose Pilates
    Shana does a Semi-private class at 6:30am. With only 5 people in the class she has lots of time for helpful adjustments. I highly recommend.
  5. FRIDAY: Training Mate
    Never have I ever been more encouraged in a work out class. "How lucky are those dumbbells to be held by you!" These circuit training classes are taught by Australian rugby players. This class is highly entertaining as well as being a good workout.
  6. SATURDAY: Aura Cycle
    Standard cycle class in a disco atmosphere. Keep that Friday night party going. Tolland always has excellent playlists.
  7. SUNDAY: Barry's Boot Camp
    7:15am Sunday class with Barry is A+. It is a straight forward boot camp class. Excellent workout.
    If I sleep through my alarm, want to do two a days, or have run out of classes at my favorite places, these are excellent back up classes.
  9. Sweat Garage
    Derek's 6am class during the week is one of my favorite work outs. Just have to be lucky enough to get a spot!
  10. Pop Physique
    The original trendy barre class. Always the same, but effective.
  11. Carrie's Pilates Plus
    Intense Pilates. Kind of strange, but a good workout. Excellent early evening fill in if I miss the morning workout.
  12. Earth Power Yoga
    Psychedelic yoga! Great sweat. Good post work class if my dinner cancels.
  13. Flywheel
    A+ studio, but I've never found a teacher who I love. Always have a solid experience here though.
  14. Rise Nation - versa climber class. Bring a dry shirt to drive home in. 😅
    Suggested by   @Ders808