5 Examples of Me "Flirting"

  1. Scene: a dirty gross frat party in college, where the floor was so sticky with beer that my shoes kept coming off. A guy was dancing with his backpack on and I noticed a stapler in the side pocket. We made eye contact and I said, "I like your stapler."
  2. High school/college best guy friend. We were into each other, but both way too hesitant to make a move. The day before I left for college, he said, "Can I see you in the morning?" I said, "If you wanna go into the city to hunt for some N64 controllers with me, that'd be cool."
  3. Flirting with a guy who volunteered at a tank museum: "Yeah, I mean, I never really thought about tanks on that level, I guess, but you're really making me see them in a new light."
  4. Junior year of college. I had a crush on a guy and was at his apartment for a super ambiguous date/hangout. Surprise guests: another (definite) couple he knew. He cooked. I said: "Wow! I never would have guessed you could do that with orange juice!"
  5. Texting with someone I had a huge intellectual crush on. He butt-texted something like, "Pqqqqq ppp." I said, "Thank you for minding your Ps and Qs. It's so rare to meet a gentleman these days."