This is a very brief history of my friendship with Megan R., who is not on the List App but who would appreciate me doing my thing here.
  1. We met in college; I was a year older and her RA
  2. She had impeccable taste
  3. I made her laugh a lot
  4. We shared a similar background: estrangement from our mothers, abusive childhoods
  5. And I think we bonded over our challenges and successes in figuring out how to be an independent adult woman without a reliable example or support system
  6. Also, we loved George Eliot with a similar fervency. (In Dorothea, we both found sometime of an example.)
  7. I graduated a year ahead of her and moved far away
  8. The she moved to London for school
  9. And we've never lived on the same coast since
  10. But even still, for the past seven years, we talk at least once week
  11. She's my person
  12. And today, on her birthday, I just thought that my life would be immeasurably different without her
  13. She is my example and my support
  14. And I hope that every human has a person they love and who loves them like this