Hope my roommates are cool with it.... Also, list in the style of the inimitable @PeteOnEarth (thanks for the inspiration, yo).
  1. β€’
    [🐣] Chickens! Only two for the first year, 'cause Ann Arbor will give me an expedited permit if I only get two.
    I told you I planned this shit already.
  2. β€’
    [🌱] Garden beds! Ann Arbor is zone 6a, so if I get there in August, I should still be able to plant lettuce and kale and carrots and beets and broccoli.
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    [πŸ”¨] Finishing the fence! I mean: back deck, big yard, late summer/fall evenings? If I'm living outside, my dog's gotta be able to roam off leash, too.
    I've looked into temporary fencing, but think I might rent an auger and do this proper myself (with friends)? I mean, I'm already gonna rent one to build the garden boxes...and maybe the landlord will pay for it if I donate the labor. This is ambitious, I know, but I'm kind of a go-getter. It's how I roll.
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    [πŸ’‘] Ideas for creating a lovely home with 3 other women who are smart and incredible and inspiring...and who I've only met online within the last 4 weeks!
    I mean, this whole thing is gonna be an exercise in living in the present with openness and generosity. And I'm psyched to do it with these ladies. Maybe we'll smudge the place together? Or make a house-warming meal to eat on the floor before our furniture gets there? So many possibilities!
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    [⛺️] Camping across the country! My dog Pete and I have to drive...first to Baltimore, then back up to Ann Arbor. So I'm going to make it an adventure!
    More details - as in, requests for recommendations - to come! Ahhhh, so excited!!