1. 💇🏼
    This was the emoji that started it all for me, really. Back when emojis first became a mainstream thing, I was talking to a student and couldn't think of the word "emoji" and so mimicked this one - my fingers in a scissor shape, my mouth hanging open - and my student totally guessed what I was talking about. A magical moment in intergenerational, intercultural charades.
  2. 👀
    This emoji is versatile, without being meaningless. Depending on context, it can mean so many different things! Primarily, I use it as "Weeeeird," but I like it because it roots that judgment in perception - just the perspective of these two lil eyes, you know?
  3. 🎊
    Truthfully, I've never really looked into what exactly this emoji is. That's because I like to imagine this little ball of confetti just floating over my head - like the happy version of a Winnie the Pooh storm cloud - and opening up to shower me with confetti intermittently throughout the day.
  4. 💗
    I am a huge sap, and so my heart often feels like one of those magic sponge toys that, after being submerged in water, grows incomprehensibly larger. This emoji is actually an experience I have at least three times a day. Recent causes of this phenomenon: a student's word choice in an essay, an episode of "Reply All," and my dog.
  5. 📶
    I love progressions like this. They are math-y and modern and neat and dynamic. This emoji is basically the highest compliment I can pay someone/something.
  6. 🎉
    I love this one - it cheers me up way more than a smiley face ever does. I love the idea of celebrating and showering confetti all over everything. Even when a friend just texts to tell me about the new episode of The Mindy Project.
    Suggested by @mallorywevans