Inspired by @marymurphy (and several others)
  1. Motivational posters, esp. by my mortal enemy SARK
    I don't disagree with the message, per se; it's mostly just the messenger I despise.
  2. Aggressive collections of things
    If you're going to be a collector, I prefer not to know about it
  3. Any taxidermy of any kind
    You like to have a trophy of the time you took an innocent animal's life? Well, I like to have space from creepy killer shit. So.
  4. Messy piles of papers
    I have no judgment about you as person, but now all my energies have to go toward keeping myself from compulsively straightening things.
  5. "In this house we..." wall hangings
    I have a deep contrarian streak that does not appreciate edicts, thank you very much.