1. Happy #1
    That first bite into a warm chocolate cookie (think: melted chocolate oozing onto your tongue, your teeth sinking into the warm dough)
  2. Happy #2
    Those first few moments as you lower yourself into a steaming hot bath (think: lavender scented suds, dimly lit candles, Marvin Gaye and a tall glass of Chardonnay)
  3. Happy #3
    Nailing your solo on expert in guitar hero (s/o to @lizziefrieder for keeping my dreams alive)
  4. Sad #1
    Tossing your old favorite pair of jeans into the ~give away pile~. Better that than popping a hernia trying to bend in every possible direction to get them above your thighs.
  5. Sad #2
    When your song from high school comes on the radio and you realize you've forgotten the lyrics #nostalgia