1. My name is Carrie and I'm 36 years old
  2. I grew up in Ireland, Boston, and South Florida.
    At tha same damn time...( sorry, Future reference whenever I multitask)
  3. It is the Iron Triangle of Shame
    Fellow Catholics will know what I'm talking about and the Jewish families in our neighborhood in Florida really gave me a run for my money in which of us were more oppressed by the humility clauses in our respective religions.
  4. I permanently stayed in Ireland when I was 23 and got my law degree.
    I decided to go into social work and addictions specializing in the seriously mentally ill rather than law.
  5. I came back to America when I was offered a position as a prison therapist at a Super Max / Max facility in Indiana.
    It was on MSNBC Lockup all the time so you've seen some of my patients.
  6. A prison officer derailed my 7 year career in correctional therapy by accusing me of fucking my caseload (174 inmates) because I wouldn't go out with him.
    No one believed me. Not even my boss. One hundered and seventy four. Not even on my best one night stand could I pull that off.
  7. I love to move.
    Not the actual packing and unpacking but discovering new towns and cities and meeting the locals and hearing their stories.
  8. My husband is in federal prison.
    No, I did not meet him on the job. Childhood sweethearts through thick and thin.
  9. He is my everything.
    It's stupid and cliche and you've seen the disgusting rom-coms so I'll spare you.
  10. I'm still a good person and so is he.
    Drug addiction and Hells Angels parents can predetermine a lot of destinies.
  11. We both hold multiple college degrees each.
    I don't know why this has turned into a Listroduce with the both of us but here it is.
  12. I like doing puzzles with my Grandmother.
    I'm way too competitive at puzzling and Scrabble. It's a sickness.
  13. I could go on and on....