Not looking for sympathy or cyber hugs but this place makes me feel like I can actually say these things without feeling like a traitor or disloyal.
  1. What happened to you to make you like this?
  2. Why do you hate me and not my sister?
  3. What can I do to make you hear me?
  4. Why am I the only one who witnesses these endless, pathetic, in-the-ER 'rock bottom' moments?
  5. Why do you tell people it was me and not you?
    And why do I always go along with it? Yes, I punched her, she didn't fall. Yes, I wrecked her car, not a DUI accident.
  6. What else can I do?
    I have paid for rehab, I have removed you from my life, I asked every liquor store to stop selling to you but let's face it, you live life $$$ so no on tells you No.
  7. Is drinking with you going to connect me more with you?
  8. Why does everyone hate me when I make noise about what you're doing?
  9. Why don't you care that I don't want to be around you?