We do a lot and we're not asking to be millionaires. The 'Medicare Don't Care' (Medicaid) culture has to stop.
  1. Just because we're unlicensed doesn't mean we know any less than a licensed therapist.
  2. We are expected to provide the same treatment as a licensed therapist.
  3. We often provide this treatment at their home which is dangerous.
  4. The seriously mentally ill population is often abandoned by family and have no friends because of their symptoms and stigma.
  5. We work non-stop to keep the SMI population out of jail when in reality the police should have brought them directly to the hospital.
  6. We find resources so they have money, homes, food, and medication.
  7. We are with them for medical appointments and advocate for them at every turn.
  8. We teach them how to live with mental illness.
  9. We WANT to be there with them.