I feel like people will judge me for not listing Oprah and Beyoncé but how would you ever go back to real life after being Oprah or Beyoncé?
  1. The Honorable Ruth Bater Ginsburg
    For all the reasons.
  2. Mindy Kaling
    For fun.
  3. Amal Alamuddin
    Everyone needs to be this perfect for a day. Hopefully it's a day where she brilliantly argues a human rights case and then has a romantic, casual dinner with Clooney.
  4. Kanye West
    I feel like I can't adequately explain this one. Some allure of the combination of genius, madness and Kardashians.
  5. Huma Abedin
    You know she has all the dirt.
  6. Jenna Coleman
    Has to be a day she's filming Doctor Who.
  7. Kate Middleton
    To be English. Haha just kidding to be a princess of course.
  8. Donald Trump
    Again, difficult to explain this choice but I suspect it's actually easy to understand.
  9. My brother.
    To be the me that wasn't.