1. Being freshly showered but with dry hair and full makeup.
  2. Being drunk and laughing uncontrollably in an appropriate place.
  3. Harassing my little brother (just a bit) about his life. (Particularly over voicemail.)
  4. Receiving a genuine, heartfelt compliment from a child.
  5. A perfect haircut.
  6. Driving around listening to music with my bff after dark.
  7. Being able to truly help someone. Afterwards, I feel valued, but not taken advantage of, and they feel grateful but not indebted to me.
  8. A clean house with every article of clothing laundered and every dish washed.
  9. A perfect summer day on the lake with my family.
  10. Doing work I'm good at and that I find interesting.
  11. Beautiful, comfortable clothing and shoes.
  12. Friends who choose you as family.