1. Attack on Brussels
    Not only because of the damage and casualties that resulted, but also because the attack is fuelling the world's hatred and prejudice against all Muslims in general, further perpetuating intolerance.
  2. Chris Brown Twitter bashing Kehlani over her suicide attempt
    Victims of suicide and attempted suicide are shamed to an extent that it's not even humane anymore. It's no one's right to judge what one doesn't know and even then, everyone's experience is different. Famous or not, people are human. Ironic if we look back to the time Chris Brown himself pointed to suicidal thoughts.
  3. North Carolina's bathroom bill
    Still prevalent is the intolerance and ignorance towards the rights of trans individuals.
  4. Jian Ghomeshi being acquitted of his sexual assault charges
    Classic victim-shaming and a prime example of the biases surrounding sexual assault victims - how they should act and behave, etc. as well as rape culture. A kick in the guts of the women brave enough to come forward and worse so, ominously proves that future victims can't trust the law to be on their side.
  5. Online abuse towards Wentworth Miller's weight gain
    Another example of how people revel in the misery of others. It shows the intolerance towards people; especially celebrities who are expected to exhibit superhuman qualities and perfect lives. At the end of the day, they are every bit human as you and I, who suffer from stress, relationship problems, mental health illnesses, self-doubt, etc. Imagine how you would cope with your challenges while living in the spotlight everyday with all the added pressure of being famous.
  6. The Pakistani Taliban's Easter bombing in Lahore
    As well as the subsequent raids. Most of the 74 people that were killed were women and children - at least TWENTY FOUR children were killed. Christians were targeted in yet ANOTHER display of intolerance towards people on the basis of differing religious beliefs.