The 5 Best Live Action Characters In Space Jam

It was hard to narrow down the list to only 5 but I think I nailed it.
  1. Michael Jordan
    Look I obviously have to include MJ in this, he's the glue that holds the movie together. Plus remember that crazy stretchy arm thing he does at the end? That won them the game!
  2. Stan Podolak
    Possibly the greatest assistant of all time, Stan knew how to lend a hand in anyway possible. From falling into the dugout to digging a giant hole on a golf course, Stan was the man.I am honestly surprised the guy who played Newman didn't get a Supporting Actor nomination from the Academy.
  3. Bill Murray
    Look, I still have no idea how they got Bill Murray for this movie, but they did and I'm very happy about it. I'm pretty sure Bill has around ten lines in the whole movie and they are all amazing, especially the last one.... "LET'S GO BULLS"
  4. The Catcher
    This guy sets the whole tone for the movie, you never really see his face but he has some of the best lines in the movie. You know how memorable he is? Every time I watch baseball and they show the catcher I think "Curve ball, don't swing". I'm just so glad he got that basketball autographed for his kid
  5. This Woman
    Okay there is ruthless, and then there is this girl. First, you beat Charles Barkley badly in basketball, and then you have the nerve to tell him "Be gone"? Lady you've got nerve, you definitely emotionally scarred Charles Barkley and you didn't even know it. Kudos