1. When Arthur cut his leg on a Lima bean can
    He was definitely going to die, that's all I thought, peace out Arthur, you dead, or they are at least taking your leg, because you are not walking away from this injury. As a child I was afraid of cans for at least a month after I watched this episode.
  2. When Arthur fell asleep on the bus
    Like cans, it had to be at least a month before I was comfortable on buses after watching this episode. Arthur was just trying to get to his swimming lesson and he ends up in the sketchy part of town in some diner. Thank god for Arthur's grandma because she definitely saved the day.
  3. When Arthur punched D.W.
    Look, we've all wanted to punch D.W, but we didn't, also because we couldn't. But Arthur... Arthur didn't give a shit. Watching that episode I felt like a boxing manager watching ringside, in my mind I was yelling "STAY DOWN D.W! STAY DOWN!!" If only D.W was carrying Arthur's secret weakness, a lima bean can.