1. A two humped camel makes a two humped poop (Everybody Poops)
  2. It was probably pretty unusual to have a Black protagonist in a 1964 kid's book (The Snowy Day)
  3. That mama bunny was a total helicopter parent (The Runaway Bunny)
  4. After two weeks a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. I totally knew that. I think. (The Hungry Caterpillar)
  5. There is such a thing as a bantam rooster and a tomcat (The Big Red Barn).
  6. Gossie was way too nice to that little bitch who stole her red boots (Gossie)
  7. Elmo can be really bossy. Just because he didn't say "Elmo says" doesn't mean I can't touch my toes (Elmo Says).
  8. Daddy's face is scratchy because he was probably out all night with Don Draper (Pat the Bunny).
  9. Letters go up a Coconut Tree and this is a best seller? That's it? (Boom Chicka Boom Boom).
  10. What happened to this little girl's hair? Was she in a fire? (I Went Walking)
  11. Dr. Seuss-- good job you stoned wordsmith.
  12. That Zookeeper is really not observant (Goodnight Gorilla)
  13. Little Gorilla, Llama Llama Red Pajama, Hooray for Fish -- I have no complaints
  14. Madeline--I know you live in some sort of orphanage but you have made in Paris.