When you don't know where you're life is going, make a list of possible paths
  1. News Anchor
    How fun would it be to tell the world what's goin on every single day!
  2. Lawyer
    Innocent until proven guilty! But there's a lot of paperwork involved, right?
  3. Actress
    Darlin, the camera loves me! Is there anyway to be a big deal fast? Then I don't need to waste time with small roles...
  4. CIA
    Ooooo that'd be fun!!! But then you wouldn't be able to talk about your work to your family, right?
  5. Doctor
    Helping people and getting paid. Perfect! Too bad I hate all the classes needed to get into medical school.
  6. Business Associate
    Work in a tall building and dress all professional everyday. Could be fun... But not everyone works in the big buildings?
  7. Flight Attendent
    No schooling required! I should probably not drop out of college though, right?
  8. Erotic Dancer
    There always needs to be a last resort...