A list of unattractive qualities in men.
  1. Cats!
    The only thing sadder than a cat lady is a cat man . It tells me you like to be neglected and are probably attracted to women who treat you badly and don't care about your feelings. You know, like cats! They will eat you!!!! "Watch out boy she'll chew you up! She's a man eater"
  2. Poetry
    It's weird, especially if you wrote it yourself. This is probably one of those "it's not you its me"sort of deals. What are feelings?
  3. Crying
    Once again. It's weird. Stop it. I don't know how to deal with that. Why aren't you sucking it up and rubbing some dirt in it!? Emotionally contain yourself!! Also, the crying is much more of a turn off if you fucked up and you're looking for sympathy.
  4. Jobless
    My grandfather once said "if a boy can't pick you up in his car and buy you a hamburger don't date him, he has no job and no money" he also said "never support a man. Make sure you can support yourself, you don't need a man's help, but he shouldn't need yours either"
  5. Baby Mama drama
    Nope.com! Not now not ever no way.
  6. The kind of men I'm attracted to:
    Jobless, losers with a minimum of two baby mamas with face tattoos who look like they've done time or have an active gang life and treat me like crap. I know, I'm screwed .