1. My no boundaries intrusive family
    I miss them every moment they're not bothering me
  2. A roof over my head
    Thanks @divahhh . best time of my life with the most wonderful girl ❤️(she's going to say BARF)
  3. My job
    Can't see myself any place else in the world. It is my most consistent relationship for the biggest part of my life. Thanks Mickey ❤️
  4. My health
    Even though I literally whine like a baby about every ache and pain. Grateful. May the Lord keep me.
  5. My sense of humor
    Let's be real, you're grateful for it too. You're welcome.
  6. Internet memes
    But really they brighten the day
  7. Coffee
    I wouldn't be me without it. And it without me
  8. Friends that inspire enlighten motivate and encourage each other to just keep swimming
    Lily Diva Allyx Lauren Karinna and many many more