Oh gosh, this will be a work in progress. All characters will represent a particular time in my life.
  1. I feel that these are exaggerations of my overall character, but I still agree.
  2. Rachel from "Girl on the train"
    All I wanna do right now is drink canned G&T and make up stories about people I think are utterly perfect.
  3. Luna Lovegood "Harry Potter"
    I'm smart, I'm odd. I'm not your cup of tea. I get it. I'm also very observant and usually right . I point out the obvious whether it is socially acceptable or not ( not real good with social queues) . Like Luna, I've seen a lot of shit go down okay! I still believe the best, stick to my deep convictions, and pity the people who really don't have it within themselves to rise above.
  4. Sasha Fierce
    This bitch can do anything! And so can I! Who run this mutha?! GIRLS!
  5. Lilo
    Like Disney should basically be cutting me a royalty check! We are the same human! Over dramatic, full of rage, interested in saving people, happy in our own worlds and not quite knowing how to express all these feelings. Optimism is our best quality. It also helps to have ride or die people like stitch (that bad friend whose good for you) and Nani ( who love you no matter what and save you from yourself) also, we share an obsession with The King! I have yet to make my pilgrimage to Graceland.