Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

The electricity is out so this is what I chose to do instead of sleeping cause I took two naps today 😑
  1. Ashley Graham
    In this stunning flowery sun dress that I now need to buy. Sun dresses are kind of my thing right now. Pants are awful!
  2. Pineapple!!!!!
    I love pineapples! I love them so much! I love em like I love the clocks! Pineapples fucking rule! Pineapples! Foreva!
    Franklin Quotes that is. And God bless. Being vocal about the rights and equality struggles for all people is something that's developed in my spirit over the last year or so. I'm on the road to reaching out to do more humanitarian works in my community. But this particular screen shot was taken from a charity I donate to who works to liberate women from human trafficking . I know, that just got heavy. A21
  4. DINNER!
    this delicious meal prepared as a team effort by me and my room mate. We have a blue apron subscription . It's great! This is an ancient grain crusted steak with a platano mash served with an evoo lime herb dressing and some kinda roasted nut garnish. That platano mash was everything !