Since my birthday is in a few days, and I will now start lying about my age...
  1. 6 years old! It was a sleep over / next day pool party! I don't remember anyone in attendance I just remember walking three blocks to my grandparents house to use their pool, make crafts out of Popsicle sticks and eating cake!
  2. 8 years old! I asked for a collection of Goosebumps books what let you choose where the story goes and a globe. I was so psyched to get the globe. And we watched Independence Day during dinner (this memory is slightly muddled with that years Christmas, my parents may or may not have combined the two)
  3. 13 years old! I was grounded on my birthday for kicking in the screen door . I tried to get my sister to take the fall but she was little and they told her Santa wouldn't bring her presents. I spent the day giving out presents and breakfast plates to needy families in the community. The jokes on you! I love community service!
  4. 15 years old! I had a Quinceñera. I am not Catholic, but all my friends had one and I wanted one too.
  5. 17 years old! LILO AND STITCH SUPRISE PARTY! Complete with giant pineapple piñata
  6. 28 years old! I know that was a jump, but let's face it, adult birthdays are never as good as kid birthdays. Anyway! THE BEST HARRY POTTER THEMED SUPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER! and my mom made all my favorite foods. Fettuccine, fried rice, orange chicken, chicken mole, and green enchiladas!