Things you know or should know to stay on my good side
  1. I feel (emotionally) with my stomach.
    I should be held responsible for the things I say while hungry . Also, why aren't we eating!? What kind of hang out is this?
  2. I'm weird about physical space
    I'm not a hugger, it's not okay to poke or push or playfully hit me. I WILL kick your ass
  3. I need time outs
    If I'm pissed stay far away, let me process. For your own safety. Don't ask me stupid questions like "are you mad?" Obviously I am, or I wouldn't be trying to melt you with my eyes or dismiss you with short responses.
  4. I hate when people gloat
    Be thankful, and stop fishing for complements. I can't!
  5. I don't like to talk about my feelings or my personal life.
  6. Number of these rules or boundaries people broke today? ALL OF THESE
    No really I should get a medal for not punching someone.
  7. Be courteous
    That douche bag who acted like an ass all day cause his last day is in 6 days? Fuck that guy.