This sucks, I miss chips and straws and hot coffee and burgers
  1. All the damn cup of noodles
  2. Pudding cups. Chocolate and vanilla. Very enjoyable! Too bad I can't live on sugar
  3. Easy mac (that I get to half chew with my front teeth, and then swallow whole)
  4. Refried beans!!!! ( I could live like this forever, but I'd have no friends)
  5. Pancakes
  6. Mashed potatoes (they weren't good)
  7. Allllllll the water
  8. Soft, over mayo-ed tuna
  9. Soggy grilled cheese that I have to rip apart and eat in small pieces
  10. Menudo hominy! The broth was delicious! Thank you El Torito! (Mashed against the roof of my mouth)
  11. And this perfect fucking cheese omelette that I learned to make watching Master Chef Jr.!!!!
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  12. Soft ground beef tacos from Taco Bell. Delicious!