Things I Could Have Bought if I Hadn't Had to Fix My Car for Almost a Grand!!! 😡

let me just say how much I hate spending money on cars! They are a life suck! Registration, oil changes, smogs, car washes, tune ups, tires, alignments, the ridiculous gas (but now gas isn't really that ridiculous anymore, thanks OBAMA! 😘)
  1. A new Michael Kors watch
    They were on groupon for $100-180. What a bargain!!! Alas, I don't have that. Because I spend a grand to fix my car
  2. A new MacBook laptop
    I need a new computer. And they were ALSO on groupon for a dirt cheap price! Ugh! My heart aches!
  3. New TATTOOS!
    Not one but several new tattoos!!! Dammit.
  4. One week vacation to Walt Disney World
    I mean I'm not totally disappointed. I was just there. I'm just trying to give you an idea of value! This would include my airfare, hotel stay, meals, and souvenirs! I'm so dead serious right now.
  5. Furniture
    I'm not talking like a new self assembled desk from ikea. I'm talking like an entirely furnished house! Dining table! Chairs! Bed frame ( you know the real kind with a head and base board! Not the crappy metal frame that scrapes you when you get too close) and a new dresser, cute rug and shiny accent owl statue!
  6. Xbox 360
    WITH the bundle and extra Barbie pink remote.
  7. Movie goer pass!
    You know that fancy month to month $40 all you can see movie pass?! Yeah, I could have had that!! For 20 consecutive months!!! And still he money to buy popcorn for all those movies!
  8. A personal trainer!
    A hot one! An expensive one! One that slaps bad food out of my hands!
  9. A Disneyland pass!
    Maybe for a relative or a dear darling friend! I mean, I wouldn't . But I could have.