Things I love most about my Best Friend

An Ode to Lily, the Persian princess
  1. We have all the same Beliefs
    I don't mean this in the sense of religion. I mean this is the sense of temperament, morals, integrity, and character . There is never a decision made where I can't gage her reaction . She respects my spirituality, and I respect hers, because that's what you do for the people you love.
  2. Makeup
    In the event that all the mirrors disappeared, she would still be able to apply her entire face of make up. Skills
  3. Persian Vengance
    Someone upset me today and she said "some day I will make it right, I will make them pay" and I believe her. An eye for an eye.
  4. She's Ride or Die
    Thelma and Louise style.
  5. Casting Caution to the wind
    We will try anything once. And I never have to feel silly or stupid, because she will support me.
  6. We never fight
    Unless it's about money 😑 those ones don't count. But I love when she's being a pain because I want to pay for something and then she forgets her wallet 😏 sucker.
  7. She has no feelings
    Unless you are her dog her mom or her best friend. She a bad bitch
  8. The Cinema
    She hates movies, I love movies. It's super exciting when she lets me drag her to a theatre. We can't like all the same things. We are individuals.
  9. Travel and Leisure
    She is the best person to go on vacation with. Literally. Those are my favorite trips of all time.
  10. Concerns
    She hates the boys I date, asshole friends I have, and when I say mean things about myself. And she lets me know it. She's right. She follows her instinct.
  11. Her deep love for Kim Kardashian
  12. Look how freaking adorable we are!
  13. She's a Pusher!
    But not like a drug pusher. All my life I've never really had someone to tell me not to give up on things. Nobody's ever cared enough to make me be accountable until Lily. It's not always pleasant, but it's beneficial. She makes me a better person.