A while ago when I was spending a lot of time commuting and sitting on subways, I started a list of people I'd see. Every now and then I'd add to it. Eventually I stopped and it just sat there on my phone. Here's Part 1 of that list.
  1. The Stretcher
    The person that has to stretch, and almost hits someone in the face.
  2. The Backpack
    Dude with a backpack. Take it off buddy!
  3. The Bag Lady
    For some reason this isn't hated as much as The Backpack, but equally annoying at times.
  4. The Misleading
    (This name was a work in progress) This person comes up behind you, says "excuse me" as if they want to get by, you lean in awkwardly to make room for them to pass, and then they stop right behind you as you balance awkwardly.
  5. The Surveyor
    This is that guy who steps onto the train and then stops to look around.
  6. The Door Block
    This isn't actually someone that stands right at the door, but rather the person that stands just far enough away to not be in the door but still block your exit.
  7. The Deaf Guy
    When someone has their headphones on way too loud.
  8. The DJ
    Similar to The Deaf Guy, The DJ doesn't bother with headphones. Cellphone speaker is all they need.
  9. The Reader
    That person reading a book.
  10. The Newspaper
    That person reading the newspaper, even if it means you can't reach the pole.
  11. The Sudoku
    This one's fairly self explanatory.
  12. The Little Spoon
    This is the person that backs up into you and there's nowhere for you to go. Often friends with The Backpack.
  13. The Sickly
    Cover your mouth please.
  14. The Bobblehead
    Every now and then someone falls asleep, but can't keep their head up. But they don't wake up either.
  15. The Creeper
    The person taking photos of other passengers.
  16. The Flashy Creeper
    When The Creeper forgets to turn off the flash. Happened to me once.
  17. The Employee
    That person in uniform.
  18. The Incorrect Sudoku
    Same as The Sudoku, except you can see the puzzle and where they got it wrong.
  19. The Makeup Artist
    There's always one.