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    Not at all surprised that Reese Witherspoon is Glamour's Woman of the Year. She's the epitome of the kind of woman and actress I hope to be one day. Talented, driven, and ridiculously intelligent (not to mention stunning and SO funny) she juggles so much. The fact that she is not only talking about women needing more roles in Hollywood, but actually making it HAPPEN speaks volumes about her.
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    I've always looked up to her and felt a strong connection to her. Maybe it's because I've been compared to her physically, maybe because she has exactly the career I strive for, or maybe it's because I've felt so connected to her portrayal of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (laugh all you want, the movie has a great message and deeply resonates with the feeling of being underestimated for your exterior) she is a force not just in Hollywood, but the world.
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    Love this speech. Love what she is doing for women. And LOVE HER.
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    "Films with women at the center are not a public service project, they are a big-time, bottom-line-enhancing, money-making commodity." -Reese Witherspoon 💗