From RHOBH to Mob Wives, sometimes there are gems of wisdom amongst the wine throwing and the endless lunches. The following list contains quotes ranging from the philosophical to the ridiculous - enjoy!
  1. She's the center of her own tornado.
    - Katie Ross from RHOP
  2. Even though Sonya did the toaster oven a few years ago, it's still a sore subject with her.
    - Ramona from RHONY
  3. Don't think of what-ifs, think of what-nows.
    - Karen from Mob Wives
  4. My mess has become my message.
    - Tamara from RHOC
  5. I love with all my heart [but] I guess I'm hard to love.
    - Kim from RHOBH
  6. Women have oceans of secrets in their minds.
    - Dorinda from RHONY (rephrasing of a quote from Titanic: "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets.").
  7. I don't know what Robyn's problem is but it seems like she always needs help with it and I really can't help her.
    - Katie from RHOP
  8. More to come!