The truly definitive ranking of Lady Gaga's official (U.S.) singles, in order from best to worst. Please note: there is no actual WORST Gaga single; they are all great. But for the purposes of this ranking, some are better than others. All singles taken from official solo studio albums (hence no "Anything Goes" or "Til It Happens to You," etc.)
  1. Bad Romance
    I mean, life doesn't get better than this. A classic in the truest sense with a video to match.
  2. Paparazzi
    A wistfully beautiful banger that is, at the end of the day, a perfect encapsulation of everything we love about Gaga.
  3. Poker Face
    Perhaps the biggest and most impactful earworm the 2000s ever encountered.
  4. The Edge of Glory
    Triumphant and soaring and totally Gaga. Could have hit No. 1 with a better video, and it deserved to.
  5. Marry the Night
    Arguably Gaga's most underrated song, and definitely her most underrated single.
  6. Telephone (Feat. Beyoncé)
    Gaga and Bey together = perfection in three-and-a-half minutes.
  7. Alejandro
    Hooks on hooks on hooks.
  8. Applause
    Wonderfully weird, though it's opaqueness is occasionally frustrating.
  9. LoveGame
    Disco sticks 4eva.
  10. Judas
    Sure, it's kind of a Bad Romance retread, but what's so wrong with that? Flawless chorus.
  11. Born This Way
    A perennial classic that unfortunately will never live down certain comparisons.
  12. G.U.Y.
    A clever and catchy (though, to some, abrasive) gender-swap gem.
  13. Just Dance
    A perfect dance pop banger that admittedly lacks the Lady's later layered approach to songwriting.
  14. Do What U Want (Feat. R. Kelly)
    'Tis a wonderful song melodically and lyrically, but it is torpedoed by its featured guest star. (The Christina Aguilera version is superior.) That we never saw the video for this doesn't help.
  15. Yoü and I
    A good song, though an odd choice for a single. Also: the production strips the original song's charm away somewhat.