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And it's beautiful.
  1. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmm, Im Nin'alu, Im Nin'alu
  2. Mmmmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, if I could melt your heart
  3. Like a moth to a flame only I am to blame, babababadapa (Mmmm, mm-hmmm in background, so peaceful & graceful)
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Growing up, life in a small town taught me that looking up meant I could know that Space and Stars existed, as did The Louvre, Wrigley Field, an ocean with whales. I wanted to be a part of it, step up to it, walk it. Then I cemented my feet. I fed outside cats. I didn't leave. (Maybe I'll go back to examine it someday.) I tried but haven't:
  1. Written a song or two.
    I'm very harsh, but not rapper-harsh.
  2. Written a book of poems.
    Ala La Dickinson. I should read her again. Then the Hispanic (they are Latina, ¿no?) poets is read, I wasn't entirely removed from their context, but felt I might've been.
  3. Examined my family's history.
    (My mom said her side of the family was already here when this was still Mexico. My father said his side drove up from the mother country. Grandpa said then the truck died on the way to Dallas in San Antonio).
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  1. My 6-year-old nephew set the timer for 30 minutes after lunch today so that everyone could rest. I rested on the sofa and after 10 minutes of jumping on top of me, he set the pillow on my butt and rested on my legs. Rascal.
  2. My dad was most appreciative of our Father's Day brunch & gifts, & was happy we left him the leftovers. We're going over tomorrow night to polish them off, but if he needs a midnight snack or breakfast, he's got it.
  3. It's only six o'clock, maybe I'll come back later with a third.
I only have 8 screenshots total, & they're not scandalous. Or
  1. I'm an Anchovy
    Taken because as much I sucker myself into doing quizzes, I hate sharing after I'm done. Why sucker others? I liked this result (from a Martha Stewart quiz), though, I never use anchovies.
  2. Sea Bags Order
    I've bought a new Sea Bag once a year the past three years. I need to go to Maine to visit the store in person, but I just might go for broke. (Imagine me pulling my collar and making a face.)
  3. Greeting Card
    I'd modified a greeting card I sent to my friend that he eventually posted to his Facebook. I screenshot because my initials are in CRAP. Hahaha, that makes me laugh.
  4. Text
    I annoy the person I'm texting in person & by text, & here, my answer to his question is funny, bare bones funny, & he ignores it.
  1. The vacuum I bought 1.5 months ago was waaaaay cheaper than I'd paid.
  2. Went to hear Chef Jacques Pepin 💖 speak in Austin @ Long Center, & was pleasantly surprised that Claudine joined him for the event.
  3. Nearly broke a rib getting in my car, as the f'ing Fiat next to me parked so damn close. Took the pic to send to Audrey, since she'd share my pain and have a better angered comment.
  4. Another of the Chef. After the event, he stopped to autograph books, though I think they didn't want him to.