Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I only have 8 screenshots total, & they're not scandalous. Or
  1. I'm an Anchovy
    Taken because as much I sucker myself into doing quizzes, I hate sharing after I'm done. Why sucker others? I liked this result (from a Martha Stewart quiz), though, I never use anchovies.
  2. Sea Bags Order
    I've bought a new Sea Bag once a year the past three years. I need to go to Maine to visit the store in person, but I just might go for broke. (Imagine me pulling my collar and making a face.)
  3. Greeting Card
    I'd modified a greeting card I sent to my friend that he eventually posted to his Facebook. I screenshot because my initials are in CRAP. Hahaha, that makes me laugh.
  4. Text
    I annoy the person I'm texting in person & by text, & here, my answer to his question is funny, bare bones funny, & he ignores it.