Growing up, life in a small town taught me that looking up meant I could know that Space and Stars existed, as did The Louvre, Wrigley Field, an ocean with whales. I wanted to be a part of it, step up to it, walk it. Then I cemented my feet. I fed outside cats. I didn't leave. (Maybe I'll go back to examine it someday.) I tried but haven't:
  1. Written a song or two.
    I'm very harsh, but not rapper-harsh.
  2. Written a book of poems.
    Ala La Dickinson. I should read her again. Then the Hispanic (they are Latina, ¿no?) poets is read, I wasn't entirely removed from their context, but felt I might've been.
  3. Examined my family's history.
    (My mom said her side of the family was already here when this was still Mexico. My father said his side drove up from the mother country. Grandpa said then the truck died on the way to Dallas in San Antonio).
  4. Become the wise woman.
    Definitely due to my lack of romantic, life, sisterhood relationships. And, certainly how my past shyness can still freeze me up.
  5. Studied anything for longer than a minute.
    I haven't read a complete book for years(ssss) now.
  6. Saved the preservation of something.
  7. Painted portraits.