Here is a collection of comments (yes I read them!) I found on the famous dating app Tinder for woman. I will put photos to illustrate why the comments can be completely idiotic 😊 And i'm not gonna talk about the one who put old photos with 20kg less than real life (you have to meet them for that 😁)
  1. "I'm gonna already taken and i'm looking for friends"
    Do I need to explain why this is stupid?
  2. "Random quote from famous people"
    Very original and shows how much you have a deep personality
  3. "If you are looking for OND (One Night Stand), swipe left! I want something serious "
    Here is the photos with it . Yes, we are gonna take you seriously and your gonna attract ONLY serious guys that will never lie to you by showing only your body in light clothing....
  4. Your first photo is a photo of a child
    WTF ! Did you get what this app is about? Saying you have a kid is one thing, but putting a photo of him is just wrong...
  5. Putting landscape or puppies photo only. No photo of yourself.
    I get is probably for you to choose the guys and avoid the annoying ones. But it does not make sense because why would someone lose a like on your photo if he doesn't know what you look like? Unless they have a paid subscription with unlimited likes, I don't think so
  6. Putting only photos of a group of people
    And not telling who you are in the photo. Really?