She's a 5-year old dog, has suffered abuse, lived outdoors, been adopted by my parents only to have been diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma twice now. But her life of bringing love and life to others is what I'll always remember her for, long after she's gone. 🐶
  1. Sticks - she loves sticks. Get loads!
  2. Dog parks - less rowdy though. She can't stand nosy guys sniffing around her butt.
  3. Running - top of her list! Somehow. Some way. We will run together again sweet girl.
  4. Lots of love. She adores being adored.
  5. New outfits - she is a girl. Always looks at my new outfits. She deserves those too!
  6. To sleep with the crew upstairs. She wants to be around my dog.
  7. Murray's big black bed - let's get her one.
  8. Food. Self explanatory. She needs soft food. Even the tiniest kibble has always hurt her teeth. She eats them one at a time!
  9. Pampering. Oh yeah!
  10. Lots of walks. Like a dozen a day.
  11. Take her on errands. Don't leave her in the house and drive away.
  12. Make her stay with the family instead of always being apart. She always isolates herself. It's sad.
  13. Chewy treats. Tons.
  14. Brush her fur daily. And tell her she's the prettiest puppy.
  15. Toys - new ones. Ones I don't give my own dog.