I see a lot (way too much) guesswork in the “how come girls drop out of the STEM world? Why not focus on the positives of why they should stay in the science world instead?) p.s. - this is not intended to be a list to exclude boys - it’s just my viewpoint as a former girl, now woman, in science (who's now a writer of everything apparently).
  1. because girls are naturally curious about the world
    This is a map of all the interactions between genes in a yeast cell. It looks like a gumdrop!
  2. because girls love learning about how people can better interact with their world.
    Jane Goodall, whose work on primates has led the way and given us focus in understanding our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.
  3. because girls want to make things with their hands (and take it from someone who worked in a lab for 10 years, it’s messy and fun). You’d be surprised how many of us are natural bakers - cooking isn’t a girlie thing, it’s a natural sign you love the chemistry behind it.)
  4. because girls love seeing their work create something useful and pretty.
    Here human iPSC-derived neural stem cells form polarized cellular rosettes with mitotic stem cells at the center. The rosettes mimic the polarized neuroepithelium that form during development in vivo and enable cellular studies of human forebrain neurogenesis.
  5. because there’s quite a bit of design-work, drawing, creativity in the daily life of a scientist. We love that!
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