Birthday Gift Ideas for me

Just to be helpful, because I always want/need ideas for others
  1. My favorite rum is also the cheapest. Win! (on sale this month)
  2. I go there a lot, AND they're about to open one less than a mile from my house!
  3. Been dying to try these since they announced them over half a year ago. I loved the other ones, and expected to like these ones a lot more.
  4. PlayStation Store cards
    (Not PSN cards)
  5. But notice it's for 2 tickets, which means someone would have to actually go with me/spend time with me #theimpossiblegift
  6. Also on sale
  7. Cinemark Gift Cards
  8. But mostly (like every birthday and every other day of the year & decade) I'd just like people to hang out & do stuff with me. To stop ignoring every time I ask to do something or go somewhere. That'd be really, really nice.