I do love dubstep, but most of the music videos are bad/embarrassing. But there are some hilarious ones, ranging from mockery to parody to tribute. So love it or hate it, enjoy these vids :-)
  1. Dubstep Solves Everything - Jacksfilms
    Let's start with the one that started it all for me. (don't believe that run time. It's only a minute) https://youtu.be/ZFQ5EpO7iHk
  2. Dubstep Kitty
    Takes about 55 seconds of build up, but I love seeing that cat (that looks like my Pookie) dance to one of my favorite songs. http://youtu.be/aQeIDhz-_eg
  3. When Will the Bass Drop? - SNL
    The ending goes off the rails, but the cast is hilarious. https://youtu.be/XCawU6BE8P8
  4. Dubstep Solves Everything 2 - Jacksfilms
    More of the same, but still great. Love the lines with his parents. (another quick 1 minute) https://youtu.be/6XwJ7HxJf5c
  5. Skrillex vs Mozart - Epic Rap Battles of History
    These guys are genius & hilarious. Works as a straight up rap battle, but everything they say has a double meaning, and it's even better when you get all the inside references. https://youtu.be/_6Au0xCg3PI
  6. Dubstep Commercials Suck - Smosh
  7. Dubstep Solves Everything 3 - Jacksfilms
    The epic finale to the trilogy. A full song and music video this time. And I actually love the song. https://youtu.be/vygiNAk8d9Y
  8. Dubstep sketch - Key & Peele
    More insanity. Doesn't quite hold up for me now, but it's on the list. https://youtu.be/5Kod1q39ddE
  9. Techno - Strongbad
    Technically not dubstep because it came out well beforehand, but close enough. One of my 1st internet faves, and my favorite Strongbad bit. So much comedy put into just 1:17. http://youtu.be/O4gqsuww6lw
  10. My Dubstep - Sam Sadler
    And finally. I just came across/found this vid while making this list and I legit cry every time I watch it. Hang it there. It keeps getting better. Make sure you "get the picture"... BWAH!!! http://youtu.be/JVbiGnlnqbE
  11. My Dubstep 3 (Pins & Needles) - Sam Sadler
    BUT WAIT! I found more! So this kid made a bunch of these. I watched the first 5 and this one was by far the best. Not sure if I could love 1 of these videos more... http://youtu.be/cIboJm2WzKY
  12. Pins & Needles (RIOT DUBSTEP EDIT)
    ...Then this happened. In the words of Sam ".... WOW.... Most insane dubstep to date" The End. http://youtu.be/hakrt4XFzbg