MMA Walk-out Music Ideas (OLD)

Just found this list in my notes from my old iPhone 4. Not sure when I wrote it, but it was last updated March 2013. It's primitive. Doesn't even name the artists. I think it was just some notes to myself to work on later. I don't even know what some of it means, but here it is in original form. Yeah, I think I'll have to make an updated one.
  1. 1. The Touch (ya know)
  2. 2. Omen (2 reasons!!) "Now! The writing's on the wall, It won't go away, It's an Omen You just run an automation" Split that in 2.
  3. 3. Cinema (yeah, that might be it)
  4. 4. Dare (like "The Touch" but faster & more upbeat)
  5. 5. Voice of Truth
  6. 6. Americana (originally picked only because it's my favorite move/sub. Hadn't heard it in a decade & didn't remember it, but after listening to it again think it could work. Starts with a slow, steady rocking' beat, then pumps it up & rocks out. (need an edited version)
  7. 7. Unshakable (just because it rocks & people need to hear it)
  8. 8. Something slow, methodical, menacing, but powerful from Tron: Legacy, like: "Recognizer", "Arena", "The Game Has Changed".
  9. 9. Switchback - I think we have a winner...
  10. 10.