My 1st list! I'll just do a short one to fit it in for #MLM (Make-a-List Monday)
  1. Buffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays - Jimmy Buffett
    Great collection of classics, greatest hits, & covers. If you only own one Buffett disc this should be it.
  2. Live Upon A Blackstar - Celldweller
    Great remix versions of songs from both albums (& a couple extras), plus the energy of the live crowd.
  3. Comatose Comes Alive - Skillet
    You can't quite recreate the feeling & sound of hearing Skillet live & in person (one of my favorite things in life, a list for another day), but they do sound great on this live CD. Much harder versions than on the studio albums. Great energy. Best thing next to actually being there.