Transactional Intelligence
  1. Akeso (China)-Merck AK-107 checkpoint mAb | up to $200M milestones
  2. SQZ Biotech-Roche Cell Squeeze | $500M+ milestones
  3. Pieris-Roche Anticalin cancer immunotherapy | $4M+ upfront | $400M+ milestones | mid single-low double digit royalty on sales
  4. BioAtla (China)-Pfizer Conditionally Active Biologic (CAB) Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) Option on CTLA-4 & License platform | $1B+ milestones | Tiered royalty up to double digits on sales
  5. United Healthcare exits Pluristem (Israel) placental expanded cells P1 pulmonary atrial hypertension collaboration
  6. Synpromics-ATGC synthetic promoters for gene therapies collaboration | $1.5M upfront l option exercises fees & milestones for each promoter sequence | royalty on sales
  7. Cypralis-Janssen peptidyl-prolyl isomerase (cyclophilin) D inhibitors for neurodegenerative disease collaboration
  8. Agensys/Astellas-Bellicum Prostate Stem Cell Antigen (PSCA) adoptive cell transfer therapies target licensing