Paraphrased quotes from the Grey's Anatomy voiceover

  1. Truth is the truth and you know what? Sometimes the truth hurts.
    Queue Gavin Degraw newest single
  2. I'm me and you're you, and we're us.
    One Republic plays
  3. Sometimes you fall down, and the chips get you down and fall where they may.
    Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
  4. Day by day, night by night, things happen and pass you by.
    Dirty Little Secrets by All American Rejects
  5. You're born with a family and then sometimes your friends become your new family.
    Snow patrol plays softly
  6. What you don't know about fairy tales is that Prince Charming doesn't always come in on a white horse. Sometimes you need to be your own Prince Charming.
    Move Along by All American Rejects fades in