Inspired by @LeahG and @HisDudeness but I originally from the mind of @dad3
  1. 1 regret
    I had a scout leader who's personality dictated that he put down anyone who threatened his sense of confidence. He ruined a once great Boy Scout troop with his negative attitude and actions. We lost many good boys and leaders. I'm grateful I stuck around and got my eagle. Everyone always told me to keep my dislike of him on the down low. For fear of being unable to achieve eagle rank. I wish I'd made more waves to get him removed sooner.
  2. 1 moment of pride
    When I wrote a poem about a close friend of mine and gave it to her and she told me that she connected with the words so much. That she often times felt like an empty house. And that no one looked through it or bothered to see what she had inside. She said that I not only looked inside. That I went through the books. Even the ones she tried hiding. And that she loved me for that. I've never felt so close to someone in my life.
  3. 1 dream
    I don't really have dreams. But last night I had one where a girl who I find attractive and that I run into on a daily basis was in my skiing chateau a top a Swiss mountain and she was naked and just touching herself in front of me. So that was nice. 😐
  4. 1 goal
    Be a great father. Be there for my kids.
  5. 1 fantasy
    Me, this bombshell of a girl who enjoys sharing the occasional Sext with me 😏, and a quiet mountain chateau with no one for miles and snow all around and a warm bed with a fireplace near by and even heated sheets if needed, no clothes aloud, some melted chocolate 😁, some strawberries (the girl goes crazy for strawberries and chocolate and me 😉) and allllllll night for ourselves.