1. Thinking about waking up at 4:30 am every day for 21 days straight
  2. Shall update this list accordingly.
  3. Morning 1: I initially wanted to get the hell back to sleep. Luckily I had to pee and I used an app called sleep cycle which wakes one up using gentle music. As a precaution I set some extra alarms in case I ignored the first one. Didn't need them. Updating list app is also a great way to stay up for long enough to not pass out.
    Though I very much want to. I might go to bed a tad earlier tonight. I've only gotten 5 and 1/2 hours. I definitely advise turning on a bedside light to tell the brain it's day time. Most of all I'm just bitter that I'm losing my lovely sleep time. I don't want to get up and start my morning but I'm forcing myself to. Laying in bed, the seductress of further sleep calls me into her loving arms. I wish to shut out my world. Perhaps this is helping me to confront it.
  4. It's also quite tempting to just scroll through Facebook or list app (other such time wasters that I'm not actually super interested in but create an illusion of activity. I'm forcing myself to use hours in the day that I'm totally used to using for sleep and dreams. The first thing I'll do is cold shower.
  5. Day 2: just want to close my eyes. Slightly chilly too, ugh. My eyes hate me. "Close us" they say. It's 4:34. Constant battle but I think I'm winning. Other than the chill (which im battling with hiding under the covers for now) I'm feeling rather awake. Regretted this challenge at first but I find the extra time awesome
    Still really freakin sleepy though. Shower and breakfast time. I got 6:30 hours last night
  6. Day 3: I woke up but I kinda half way passed out and got up at 5:30. That's what I get for going to sleep at 11:30.
  7. Day 4: motivation to actually get up is astoundingly difficult to come by. Coziness and comfort are so much more favorable. Yet I also know how much I typically regret staying in bed. I hate feeling like my morning is shorter. Perhaps I just need to find an appropriate balance between the two. I really need to get to bed earlier tonight.
    Drinking water before bed and there by filling the bladder may be a kind of solution until I can find intrinsic motivation.
  8. Days 5,6, and 7: I managed to sleep in on the weekend so I kinda stink at the challenge. Also yesterday I woke up at 4:30 but passed out until 5:30. I discovered this morning that a major reason I've been having issues is my bedtime (10:30-11:00). Last night I fell asleep around 10-10:15 and woke feeling rested today. So sweet spot dance.