I made a list from a request based around this ages ago and don't feel like scrolling for hours to find it but thankfully past me Screenshotted it in its entirety.
  1. Letters From Theroux
    Harold dante Theroux is the sole recipient of a vast elemental wealth handed down through generations of his family. He intends to spread it amongst deserving individuals with one request... "Make good use of it."
  2. The wind took it
    John ponders his vast romantic past, and one woman in particular, as he curtails the peaks and valleys of the deadly kergan mountain range.
  3. Trees on Foreign Soil
    Millennia in the future on the eve of the 300th anniversary of humanity's escape from the Milky Way, a young girl inquires with a mostly disabled automaton built 335 years in the past.
  4. God the Human
    24 year old vagabond Isaac, riding a bus to nowhere in particular through a vast pine forest begins a conversation with the only other passenger. A middle aged man with kind eyes and a knowing smile.
  5. Monumental fragments
    a man learns to control time but at the cost of his mental health. Must stop a global catastrophe.
  6. Dear Sam
    A lonely and depressed man, grieving from the loss of his late fiancé starts receiving random emails from a girl named Sam.
  7. James
    a story from the perspective of a young man. You learn later that forensic scientists are just watching a tape of his memories to find out who killed him (final file corrupted)
  8. When reality ripples
    A narrative about parallel bridges between worlds of a young woman's life. Multiple perspectives of the same woman. Ariel lambowski
  9. Where the peaceful things went
    In a world destroyed by war. A sensitive young boy born during the devastation finds refuge in the underground home of a quiet old man, who boasts a strangely familiar collection of paintings and fine art.
  10. Toilet bowl theories
    A disheveled old scientist with failing eyesight but perfect hearing convinces a newly graduated physics PHD student to help him develops the world's first working teleportation and time travel device.
  11. The immortal
    An indestructible man with an ancient and dark history finds himself in the middle of a war over a girl with powers not so unlike his own.
  12. The nostalgic trip of Ben jagein
    Bethany irons finds herself intrigued by the life story of a smiling candy maker in her neighborhood, Ben jagein
  13. Life lived long, long life lived sweetly
    The sweetest man in the world, Henry Part, developed an affinity for a woman of more damaged propensity. He regales his story many years in the future to an unknown listener.
  14. Broken dreams, magenta memories
    John poke spends his time looking into people's heads. Their dreams and memories. It's about time he took a look through his own.
  15. Burning down hell
    A man reflects on the destructive man hunt he took upon himself that followed his only daughters rape and murder.
  16. When young things smile
    Tom sarta, veteran of the neopelonic wars, finds refuge from his devastating nightmares in the soft eyes of his only living relatives younger daughter.
  17. Flowers To Sarah
    Sarah finds herself in the eye of a mysterious soft spoken young man. Who's only communication with her, despite her interrogation and persistence, involves the gift of a unique rose upon meeting with her every week in the late autumn nights of their city.
  18. Beautiful toes and other truths
    Amnesia ridden Clare discovers a packet of hand written journals regaling her romantic relationship with a man she can't remember.
  19. The soft heart warrior
    A young woman, running from her past and the demons that follow, gains the adoration of a man who has more to him than at first glance.
  20. The Bend Water Banter
  21. Patriarchal failings
  22. People Past Oceans Blue
  23. Cardiff Perplexions
  24. The Tiles Have Ears
  25. Once the Ground Broke Wide
  26. In bascalca gemoram
  27. Serpentine tradition
  28. The monkey and me
  29. Wide rivers, long walks
  30. The good song
  31. Sadness impenetrable
  32. Love in the era of light
  33. These bittersweet parts
  34. The mysterious case of the daydream murders
  35. What time stole
  36. Shoes in corners dark
  37. The regret of Samantha Ingful
  38. Twins of Sherman tweed
  39. Seeds of thought
  40. Take on connection
  41. Before the enigma
  42. Harry's got cancer
  43. Nonsense memories
  44. Isolation
  45. Dimensions of jacinto
  46. Roots by Agartha
  47. Rhode Scholars the vagabond: and his journey to Fantasia
  48. Deep thoughts in shallow pools
  49. The man that time forgot
    A legend never dies
  50. And so I faded
  51. Like rain and flowers