1. I was living with my father and his new wife in her very nice customized bamboo floor house with a view and always hot running water.
    My father and I would begin getting into huge fights a few weeks later.
  2. I was awfully sad at the time but looking back it was a beautiful sad because there was so much hope in the air. Still possibilities. Still particular decisions to make.
    Mostly because of a girl. Who I missed powerfully. I didn't know how lucky I was.
  3. I was alone with my thoughts most of the time. Except for my friend Sierra. We would have hour long phone calls that ran into dinner as we talked through and commiserated on our issues.
    She was upset about her friends being not so great friends. I was upset about a relationship I was in and another girl who had stopped talking to me. Sierra and I were closest at that time.
  4. I usually spent time hiding in the basement playing xbox and napping with YouTube videos running.
    But it didn't feel as existentially wasteful as it does today. It felt good. Like a break from the world. I felt safe. Occasionally I'd get a special text and everything felt light.
  5. I also made a list of highlights from one of my favorite books.
  6. So in honor of that I think I'll make another highlights list.
  7. Coming soon