1. Listen to your grand mother more. I don't mean take all her advice. Just listen. You don't realize it fully but she's the best listener you've met in your first 19 years of life. She could use a break haha. And tell her you love her more. Be kind. Not that you aren't. Just be kind. More enriching kindness can't hurt.
  2. Stop thinking about the military. Westpoint is a great goal but it's not for you. Neither is special forces or anything military. I'm sure you could do it. But you'd hate committing to it. It's better you realize this around freshman year so you can get ahead on finding a suitable career.
    Versus the me of today who's scratching his head and working odd jobs while he figures out what the fuck he's going to do.
  3. Read more. I know you love reading and do it a lot but don't stop. Better yet read more and deeper.
    Check out the brainpickings website.
  4. You have no reason to be nervous for speech. Relax into it. You're gonna be just fine. Tell mrs Boylan to spend more time with her husband while she can.
    Actually do the work. Sign up for competitions. Do speeches on dramatic subjects. Nothing too high minded (as interesting as it may be). Otherwise you'll lose your audience. That's just the way it works.
  5. Please enjoy middle school. Martin gets to be a great guy. Less of an ass. Don't be a push over. Play Xbox a little less but have fun. Sneaking it when you're grounded is just stressful. Arron is a prick and a bad scout master, keep being better. He'll cave.
    Do your best to recruit new boys to the troop. We're lacking in size. Stop pussy footing around about the lack of leadership. Lead.
  6. Don't be so angry. You have so much to be thankful for. I know you hate hearing that but shut the fuck up and appreciate where you are. The life of a young student is so much more comfortable than that of an older student with no clear aim. Please enjoy your walks and your grand mother and your father and your friends. They'll all be gone soon.
    Not your walks. But you'll move the summer before senior year. It's just not the same.
  7. The summer before junior year you meet someone. I envy you. You'll think nothing of her at first but she and the events surrounding her will impact you profoundly. Thank Martin profusely. I could give you all the advice in the world about her. I think you need to witness it yourself. I will say a few things.
    1. Hug her for longer. Focus on the feeling. 2. Write down the date. I don't remember it. 3. Trust your gut. TRUST YOUR GUT! 4. Don't delete the photos no matter what. 5. Back off. Be your own person. She needs the space. So do you. 6. What is between you and her remains between you and her. Nowhere else. 7. Don't move in with your father. Your mother doesn't mind letting her stay over. You'll regret being pissed at your mother after this. Your father is a dick. 8. Don't take her for granted.
  8. Learn Norwegian. For fucks sake learn Norwegian.
  9. Start working when you turn 16. Get a car earlier. Pay for it yourself. Don't waste time.
  10. 9. Be there for her. That's all you have to do.
  11. Speak less. Don't say the first thing that comes to mind. Try to have some self control. Don't text her when you're horny and she's not up. Especially after 12.
  12. 10. Study break means she isn't studying you fucking idiot.
  13. Flirt tactfully. I know you'll need to practice before you get this but don't be a jackass. Especially when you meet the blond girl that speaks Russian.
  14. Morgan likes you. Don't listen to the assholes that call her a slut. They're assholes after all. I don't know if you should date her. Just don't be so naive if you can help it.
  15. Do your homework. Seriously.
  16. Read "take my advice"
  17. 10. She's damaged and you'll love her solely for that. Not advice, I just need you to understand. Have more patience and compassion.
    Especially around the topic of self harm. Please don't be so angry.
  18. Don't send nudes if they haven't been requested. Seriously.
  19. When she takes you to the coffee shop. Try to remember more. Write it all down after. And when you are in front of your house with her. Ask her if you can kiss her in case you don't see one another for a while. Accept her answer. Watch her drive away.
    Your shirt will smell wonderful the next morning.
  20. Get more hobbies.