Inspired by @Simbawimba
  1. I'm so horribly sorry.
  2. The windows of the houses glow that faded orange of evening. The sun is beneath the earth. Or around it. It is gone.
  3. And the riverbed of the street is leading me home. Not the house I'm living in. But home.
  4. Which has become the painfully lachrymose memory of what we had. And even this is carefully transforming into love for myself.
  5. And perhaps a future girl. One not so unlike you that I cannot love her. But not so like you that I can't love her too.
  6. If she called as I finish this paragraph, i would feel all envy and longing and infinite rage melt away in an instant by the sound of her voice.
  7. Og jeg føler lettere enn måneskinn vite hun elsket meg igjen.
  8. When your half repressed image flares like a cosmic note. Shining over everything else I'm really not much better to your memory than the moth to the flame, the sunlight to the Rose.
  9. Mostly I just wish you and I were still close. I wish we could talk telepathically the way you mentioned once. I miss that.
  10. Jeg elsker deg va min kjaere